Wounded Warrior dances with President Bush


Dancing with a “Wounded Warrior” – she has lost a leg but still dances. This is what a REAL President looks and acts like. He wasn’t a Jefferson or a Madison, and he made some big mistakes, but he saved us from Al Gore and John Kerry … and he is a regular guy. 

Green and white shirt, black tee shirt, gray pants and tennis shoes. How many people know that he hosts a few Wounded Warriors 10 weekends at his ranch every year?

The Media doesn’t cover the story of all the planes of returning veterans that he and Laura meet on their return from overseas, nor events like the one seen here. You will never see this story or picture on NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times,  or The Washington Post. You will only see Michelle and the kids go on vacation 14 weekends a year, and Barack on the golf course. (1696)

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