Who Will Control the Montana Republican Party?

by Ed Berry

In the last week, the Montana House rejected two nullification bills sponsored by Rep. Derek Skees. One was HJR 20, to nullify Obama Care. The other was HB 382, the Stand Up America State Nullification Act.

With few exceptions, the votes were almost identical for the two bills. The Democrats were unanimously against both nullification bills. The Republicans were split

  • 46 Yes versus 20 No on HJR 20
  • 42 Yes versus 24 No on HB 382

Those voting for and against HJR 20 are listed and discussed in “Why Did These Montana Republicans Vote for Obama Care?” The votes on HB 382 are shown below.

These consistent votes, on the very fundamental issue of the State’s right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws, demonstrate without any doubt that there are two Republican Parties.

As discussed in “A War of Three Cultures,” the Republican Party is composed of Patriots and Squishies. The Squishies control the Republicans at the national level but the Patriots are taking over at many state levels. The dominance of Squishy Republicans at the national level is responsible for giving the Republican Party a bad reputation.

The Patriot Republicans are the answer to Iacocco’s question: “Where have all the leaders gone?”

What should patriots do now?

The answer to this question should be obvious. Montana Patriot Republicans outnumber Squishy Republicans by about 2 to 1. This is an enormous lead. It means Patriot voters have the numerical power to take over and control the Montana Republican Party.

Will the Patriot voters act to control the Montana Republican Party?

If they are smart, they will. This will give them the power to achieve all their objectives in the 2012 elections. Four patriots moving in this direction wrote an open letter to Gov. Schweitzer “Nullification is necessary for our survival.”

However, if patriots split, they will make George Soros and the Squishy Republicans very happy. In fact, perhaps Soros and the Democrats have already infiltrated Montana Tea Parties to lead the well-meaning  patriots in diverse directions.

A few Montana patriots think they can accomplish their objectives by pushing the Constitution Party in Montana. They should apply for a grant from George Soros because I am sure he would be happy to help them.

These well-meaning patriots should realize the following:

  1. Patriots do not have anywhere near the money of Ross “Lift up the Hood” Perot and even he could not make a third party successful.
  2. It not only takes money to make money, it takes money to succeed in politics.
  3. A third party has as much chance of getting its candidates elected as it has of beating a professional football team in football.
  4. The Montana Republican Party is a political powerful entity whether some patriots like it or not.
  5. Even our enemies are smart enough to know it is faster and cheaper to hijack a Boeing 767 than to build your own.
  6. Rather than pushing another conservative party, patriots would do better to start a Green Party to split the Democrats.
  7. Patriots can control the Montana Republican Party. Victory is within their grasp.

Bottom Line:

If the patriots get aboard and support the Patriot Republicans, they will control the Montana Republican Party and the 2012 elections.

Here is a list of the 42 Patriotic Republicans who voted YES on the State Nullification Act:

  1. Y  Beck, Bill
  2. Y  Bennett, Gerald (Jerry)
  3. Y  Blasdel, Mark
  4. Y  Blyton, Joanne
  5. Y  Brodehl, Randy
  6. Y  Burnett, Tom
  7. Y  Connell, Pat
  8. Y  Cuffe, Mike
  9. Y  Edmunds, Champ
  10. Y  Ehli, Ron
  11. Y  Greef, Edward
  12. Y  Hale, Alan
  13. Y  Hansen, Kris
  14. Y  Harris, Bill
  15. Y  Hendrick, Gordon
  16. Y  Ingraham, Pat
  17. Y  Kary, Douglas (Doug)
  18. Y  Kennedy, Dan
  19. Y  Kerns, Krayton
  20. Y  Knox, James
  21. Y  Knudsen, Austin
  22. Y  Lavin, Steve
  23. Y  Loney, Cleve
  24. Y  McGillvray, Tom
  25. Y  McNiven, Jonathan
  26. Y  Miller, Mike
  27. Y  More, Michael (Mike)
  28. Y  O’Neil, Jerry
  29. Y  Osmundson, Ryan
  30. Y  Rosendale, Matthew
  31. Y  Randall, Lee
  32. Y  Read, Joe
  33. Y  Regier, Keith
  34. Y  Salomon, Daniel
  35. Y  Skattum, Dan
  36. Y  Skees, Derek
  37. Y  Smith, Cary
  38. Y  Stahl, Wayne
  39. Y  Vance, Gordon
  40. Y  Wagner, Bob
  41. Y  Warburton, Wendy
  42. Y  Washburn, Ted

Here is a list of the 24 Squishy Republicans who voted NO on the State Nullification Act:

  1. N  Ankney, Duane
  2. N  Arntzen, Elsie
  3. N  Bangerter, Liz
  4. N  Berry, Tom
  5. N  Clark, Christy
  6. N  Cook, Rob
  7. N  Esp, John
  8. N  Evans, Lila Walter
  9. N  Fitzpatrick, Steve
  10. N  Flynn, Kelly
  11. N  Gibson, Steve
  12. N  Reichner, Scott
  13. N  Hoven, Brian
  14. N  Howard, David
  15. N  MacLaren, Gary
  16. N  McNutt, Walter
  17. N  Milburn, Mike
  18. N  O’Hara, Jesse
  19. N  Peterson, Ken
  20. N  Roberts, Don
  21. N  Taylor, Janna
  22. N  Small, Sterling
  23. N  Welborn, Jeffery
  24. N  Yates, Max

Those shown in bold voted Yes on HJR-20 and No on HB-382. (251)

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