Who still thinks the Feds should control 28.9 percent of Montana Land?

by Dr. Ed Berry


Anyone who has played the game “Monopoly” or watched the movie “Gone with the Wind” understands that Land is the source of wealth and freedom. In fact, America’s wealth is based upon our legal protection of property ownership.

Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder, Speaker of the House Mark Blasdel, Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich, and Senate President Pro Tem Debby Barrett understand the fundamental value of land ownership. They and County Commissioners like Dan Happel are leading Montana’s effort to transfer Federal land to Montana.

Today, Senator Fielder explains the political issues of Federal vs State land ownership. This is a must-read article for all Montana citizens and especially for candidates. Read it here now:

Who still thinks the Feds should control Montana Land? by Senator Fielder.

Last week, our Montana candidates for US Congress presented their not-too-well-thought-out positions on the value of Montana taking ownership of USFS and BLM land in Montana. I was appalled by the lack of understanding of this most important issue by most candidates.

We don’t need no stinkin’ study of this issue. The issue is not about accounting for dollar flow from the feds to Montana.

The issue is about what Montana can and would do with these lands to grow the economy of Montana. The issue is about the value of local control versus federal control. The issue is the fulfillment of the contract between the Federal government and the States that says the feds will transfer these lands to the states.

The issue is about whether Montanans want to control their own lives or to be controlled by the federal government nanny state.

It is no secret that the federal government has used its control of 28.9 percent of Montana to degrade our economy, mismanage our forests, cause more forest fires, mismanage our wildlife, destroy our wild game, force renewable energy standards that increase the cost of our electricity, and block the beneficial use of our forests, oil, coal, gas, and minerals.

Even liberal Democrat Governor Bullock acknowledged:

Wildlife habitat has been degraded, watersheds are at extreme risk, endangering key fisheries and clean water. Fire danger is off the charts, threatening local communities and stifling recreation, to say nothing of the economies of our rural communities. We now can’t wait for the federal government, though, to figure out a solution. It’s up to us as westerners to really bring answers forward, which brings me back, to I guess, my experience as a member of managing Montana’s public lands. I think that model works well because there is a clarity of purpose, first of all. Secondly with 5 statewide elected officials managing these lands there is direct accountability for decision making.”

You cannot represent the people of Montana versus the Feds unless you support the effort to transfer USFS and BLM land to Montana.

Candidates for US Senate and US Congress: Are you intending to work for Montana or for the Federal government?

To not support the transfer of federal land to Montana is to be to the left of Governor Bullock … which is not a defensible position for a Republican candidate.

Today, the Feds own 28.9 percent of the land in Montana. This is 28.9 percent of our freedom and our economy.

Wise Montanans will elect candidates who strongly support the transfer of USFS and BLM lands to the State of Montana. This is fundamental to Montana’s economy, independence, and freedom.

To understand the fundamentals of this land issue, read Senator Jennifer Fielder’s letter now:

Who still thinks the Feds should control Montana Land? by Senator Fielder.


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    WR Korizek says:

    Debby Barrett, IS THE RIGHT party but has no real tech knowledge of land she married or inherited. CHECK credentials.

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    Gov. is in Real Estate TOO!!!!
    And I was complaining about health ins.!!!!
    Bring on the CHEMTRAILS “please”.
    I don’t like the water anyway.
    I need a drink and a paper ballot.

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