Montana Cowgirl sets World Record for getting “Facts” wrong

by Dr. Ed Berry

RobNatelson200As you know, Tim Baldwin is hosting an event in Kalispell, Montana, Monday evening, October 21, for Constitutional Lawyer Rob Natelson to explain Article V of our Constitution. Rob is “the” expert on Article V.

Senator Corey Stapleton will introduce Rob Natelson.

Rob Natelson will explain why Constitutional Attorney Dr. Edwin Vieira is wrong on his interpretation of Article V. In fact, the bout will not even be close. Vieira has not boned up on Article V and is misleading his readers on Article V.

Natelson will explain why an Article V convention cannot “runaway” as some conservatives have claimed. In fact, there is no downside to holding an Article V Amendment Convention but there is significant upside.

OhShitMeanwhile, the liberals at outdid themselves in their propaganda article against Natelson’s talk. The only “facts” they got right was spelling the names of Rob Natelson and Tim Baldwin.

Rob has already entered his comment on the website. Here’s what Rob wrote:


Dear Montana Cowgirl:

Some of your information about my presentation on October 21 and about me was inaccurate, and should be corrected on your blog.

First: I am not supporter of nullification. James Madison recommended the Article V convention method as a constitutional alternative to nullification, and I agree. Incidentally, we would not have direct election of U.S. Senators today unless the states had come within one state of triggering a convention, thereby forcing Congress to propose the 17th amendment.

Second: I’m an independent scholar, and am not affiliated with any Tea Party group. It is true that I’m a political conservative, but I try to keep my investigations into constitutional questions as objective as possible. I report the results, whether they give comfort to liberals or conservatives.

Third: There has never been a hint that the quality of my scholarship had anything to do with the UM faculty’s decision on emeritus status. Since I was, at the time of my retirement, the UM law school’s most widely published scholar, that would be unlikely. All indications are that the decision was simple retaliation for past political disagreements.

Fourth: My talk in Kalispell will be a report on the results of my academic research into Article V. Some people in the Flathead (as around the nation) are interested in pursuing that course but are unsure of how it would work. Since I’ve probably published more on the subject over the last four years than any other legal scholar, I was a natural person to ask.

I invite you to attend.


Rob Natelson


Cowgirl, who will not reveal who or what he or she is, uses invented associations intended to discredit its target.

To get facts straight, I asked Tim Baldwin the following questions related to cowgirl’s claims. Tim’s answers are in blue:

  1. Is Liberty Defense League the sole sponsor of Natelson’s talk in Kalispell on October 21? Yes.
  2. Are you the sole owner of Liberty Defense League? Yes.
  3. Is Liberty Defense League a tea party organization? No.
  4. There are 3 tea parties in Flathead Valley. Are any of them cosponsoring or otherwise involved in this event? No.
  5. Is Chuck Baldwin involved in sponsoring this event? No.
  6. Is Liberty Fellowship involved in sponsoring this event? No.
  7. You have written several articles about the value of an Article V convention. Has Chuck Baldwin written any articles or publicly stated any position on an Article V Convention? Yes, years ago, and he opposed it. 
  8. Will your event “plan constitutional amendments“? No.
  9. Do you consider Rob Natelson a “conservative activist“? No.
  10. Did you use the word “tyranny” in any of your promotions of this event? No.
  11. Will Natelson’s talk “discuss the Baldwin’s goal of nullifying federal laws“? No. In fact, I have shifted my position on “nullification a bit,” which I have admitted and said in writing.
  12. Do you “recognize the supremacy clause of the US Constitution“? Yes, and Article V is included in this Supremacy Clause.
  13. Is cowgirl’s link to Chuck Baldwin’s article relevant to this event? Not close. 
  14. Do you consider Natelson a “Tea Party constitutional law expert“? No.

In conclusion, Rob Natelson’s presentation has nothing to do with the tea party and Tim Baldwin is not Chuck Baldwin. The event is educational and will not plan constitutional amendments. 

Other than spelling their names correctly, cowgirl scored 0.0 percent on its “facts”. No wonder it keeps its writer incognito. He, she or it must be the stupidest person in Montana. Boys or girls or whomever you may be at cowgirl, it is one thing to express your opinion. It is quite another to change “facts” about your political targets. No wonder liberals are morons.

Article V is a mainstream political subject for those who want to stop our loss of freedom due to our Congress, President and Courts ignoring our Constitution. It may be the only way we can restore our Constitution.

If you want to be among the smartest people in Montana, catch a presentation by Rob Natelson. Your first opportunity if you live in NW Montana is to be at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell on Monday, October 21, at 7:00 pm.

Rob Natelson is a Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute & Montana Policy Institute. For his biography & bibliography, see: (556)

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