John McCain will destroy the GOP’s chances in the November election

by Michael Savage,

John McCain is out there trying to beat the war drums for a military incursion against Russia. 

He’s a lunatic and a warmonger.

McCain is a well-known military industrial complex front man.

We also know he’s on the way to Ukraine with a group of other military industrial complex lobbyists, and they’re trying to stir up a little action.

When the mid-term elections come about, the vast majority of voters who now identify as independents may say to themselves:

“I may not like these lying Democrats but at least they seem to be against war.”

They’re not, of course, but Democrats are so good at public relations, because they own the press, that voters think they are pacifists.

They won’t vote for Republicans because of men like John McCain, who are warmongers. (420)

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    I’m sure Ed thinks John McCain is a good Republican and that he would have been president had we only voted for McCain. Remember McCain got endorsed by the NRA with a C-. Michael Savage is right on this one.

  2. 2

    Dear David, You sure don’t understand my political position because you are absolutely wrong in your conclusion.

    I consider McCain the worst RINO in Congress. He is wrong on almost every issue. He helped cause the housing crisis. He is wrong on foreign policy. He is one of the 4 RINOs in the “gang of 8″. Like Al Gore, he thinks our CO2 causes dangerous climate change. He is a hot head who cannot control his emotions. He is dangerous to America.

    So who are the real McCain supporters? Clearly, they are the ones who helped nominate McCain for president in 2008.

    Let’s go back to the 2008 Republican presidential primary race. did not exist in 2008, so let’s use the record of my emails and letters to WND and the Huckabee websites.

    My opinion was (and still is) that evangelical Christian minister Mike Huckabee and his supporters helped nominate John McCain. The turning point was the Florida primary. Well before the Florida primary, it was obvious that Huckabee had no chance to win the nomination and Mitt Romney was the only Republican candidate who had a chance to beat John McCain. Had Huckabee dropped out of the race, as he should have, then Mitt Romney would have won Florida and gone on to be nominated.

    My letters to the WND and Huckabee websites, strongly recommended that Huckabee drop out of the race before the Florida primary because his only impact in Florida would be to help McCain to win the nomination. Huckabee should have dropped out and then endorsed Romney. I highly criticized WND’s Chuck Norris for his lack of political understanding in his continued rabid backing of Huckabee, when Norris should have realized he was helping McCain, the worst of the candidates.

    Why did Huckabee stay in the race when he knew he would help McCain beat Romney? In my opinion, Huckabee had two reasons: he hoped McCain would select him as VP and he did not like Mormons. Huckabee tried to torpedo Romney on his religious beliefs, which I thought was way out of bounds for a presidential primary.

    So the true lovers of John McCain are Huckabee and his supporters who refused to give up before Florida. They made John McCain the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, and thereby assured Obama would be elected president.

    Today, I still fight the battle for using wisdom and good tactics in voting. I claim our objective in voting should be to achieve the best result we can from the cards we are dealt. But many still do not understand the simplicity and importance of this concept. Rather they hang on to their irrational belief that they “cannot vote for the lesser of two evils.” Look at some results of this irrational belief:

    America elected Obama rather than Romney because many evangelicals would not vote for a Mormon. Montana elected a Democrat governor and a Democrat US Senator because many “Conservatives In Name Only” (CINOs) voted Libertarian or not at all because in their self-righteous opinion the Republican candidates “were not good enough for them.”

    Some voters misinterpret my suggestions for wisdom in voting. Stewart Rhodes, delusional founder of Oath Keepers, called me a “GOP propagandist” when he called for his followers to reject the Montana Republican candidates for Governor and US Senate. Stewart Rhodes does not get it and his actions, like those of Huckabee, produced the exact opposite of what conservatives are fighting for.

    And yes, I posted Savage’s article because I agree with Savage about the danger of RINO McCain. Of all the top talk hosts, I agree most with Savage because he is a PhD scientist like me and we think very much the same.

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