Feds use ESA, guns, and federal prison to steal your land

Rancher Wayne Price tells facts about federal war on our land.

Either you are for your state’s right to take back federal land or you are for the feds stealing your land. Choose your side. – Ed


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    Polymontana is doing the best service out there for educating the people. It’s difficult to toss out our trust held for the loving government, many of us believed was the case.
    Corporations and the monied elite are aiming to take everything away from the ‘useless eaters’ or little people etc. The hubris is allowed by the criminals at the top of every corrupt organization, too many to count. Justice, honesty/truth and empathy for fellow man is not practiced at higher levels of official office.
    There are compassionate Americans coming to and taking our God given, founders/constitutional rights back. I love Montana and look forward to moving from a entire state swallowed up by a ‘non-constitutional zone’. No legal rights officially. ACLU has the map and story, suppositly launching a lawsuit against our rogue government who established a 100 mile zone around all borders including coastal. globalresearch.org is a good place to read why the world is mounting against the invasions made against so many countries Bush/Obama regimes. The state news does not cover. It’s frightening, many good links and proof there also.

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