Drone over Kalispell, electricity goes out

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by Ed Berry

drone1On Monday, May 20, several people saw a “military” drone aircraft flying low over the large shopping center in Kalispell, Montana. Some commented on their siting in a public email. Here are samples of the comments.

“We saw a drone flying low over Kalispell, followed by a bomber plane two days ago.”

“It was pretty big. Unmanned, but definitely military. It was a very bizarre day. We were shopping at the new natural grocery (NG), had a full cart, and suddenly all the lights went out. Half of Kalispell lost power. We couldn’t pay for our cartload of food with a debit card, so we had to abandon the basket. People started to flood out of the dark stores, and a short time later, we heard a strange buzzing noise. We looked up, and there was a white drone, just like you see in the photos, flying low overhead, and then an enormous bomber plane with Army colors following a few hundred yards behind it. CREEPY!” 

Now, we know bombers don’t fly low and close to drones. But the viewer may not have been familiar with aircraft to have noticed a large difference in altitude between the drone and the bomber.

I chimed in … (teasing, of course, because I have no idea what the drone may have done, but this is a piece of cake with today’s technology and the government’s database) …

“The drone ID’d everyone who was shopping at Natural Grocers because Obama considers them as terrorists because they don’t want to eat Monsanto’s GMO food. The drone got all the license plates in the parking lot and then they match them with those who came out of NG. Then they pull your home address from the license plate database and you are nailed.”

More comments followed:

“Wow- I was in the NG store when the lights went out- had NO idea! It would be very beneficial for “we the people” to know what was exactly happening!! How can we get the real skinny…”

“People are calling me for more information about this and want to pass it on if you think there is verifiable proof. I don’t know if Ed has anything on his web site or not.  Guess I don’t know how to look it up.”

“People are seeking more confirmation and sources of information.  Have you heard from more people who witnessed this?  It must have been visible from quite a distance besides right in front of the store that lost electricity.”   

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  1. 1
    redbone59 says:

    Dr. Ed,

    The Republican that you supported for the Montana House seat in the Whitefish race, Mr Timothy Baldwin, supported the use of drones on Americans as long as it was deemed “Constitutional.” So what is the big deal?

  2. 2

    @1 redbone,

    The introduction of drones under control of our government was accompanied by using drones as spying and killing machines. We may rationally object to this use of drones.

    However, drones can be used for many good and productive tasks as well. For example, land surveying, search and rescue, animal population counting, farming data, etc.

    Tim Baldwin argued, correctly, in his comment #2 here, that drones, like any other technology, can be used for good or bad purposes. He says we should be concerned with how drones are used rather than to attempt to eliminate drones, which is impossible.

  3. 3
    stephenf@thesleuthjournal.com says:

    Have a drone sighting?

    The Sleuth Journal has just launched a new site http://dronepatrol.thesleuthjournal.com/ where you can report sightings and read others’ encounters of their sightings. tell your friends to join in so we can build a data-set and map out where these sightings are witnessed!

  4. 4

    During a blackout, anyone who was prepared with a backup power source would stand out amidst the reduced energy clutter. Therefore, during a blackout, a drone could easily identify those most likely to have the means and motivation to resist any form of oppression introduced after a collapse.

    If I wanted to cause a collapse to usher in a police state while making it look like an accident, and if I wanted to identify all potential resistance ahead of time, and if I wanted to be ready to neutralize all potential resistance; I would do exactly what the government has been doing, and which it has been doing at an accelerating pace.

    Consider the overwhelming evidence that they are trying to provoke an armed conflict with the American people. http://www.endofinnocence.com/2013/03/obamas-dhs-targets-white-children.html

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