Defense Attorneys nail County Prosecutor and Drug Agent in serious unlawful actions, coverup

by Tim Baldwin, Quatman and Quatman


Montana defense attorneys, Tim Baldwin and Phyllis and Jack Quatman, of the Quatman and Quatman, PC law firm in Flathead County, have revealed serious unethical and perhaps unlawful actions of prosecutors and Northwest Drug Task Force Agent in Flathead County, Montana and their attempt to cover it up.

The seriousness of their actions caused these defense attorneys to request an investigation to the Montana Attorney General. To date, the Attorney General’s Office has not responded to this request.

Below is a specific and egregious example of the prosecutors’ and officer’s unethical actions and their cover up.

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Legal Extortion

LegalExtortion [Read more…] (629)

Our First Amendment limits Congress, not you!

by Michael Anthony Peroutka 

Statue7crown200There is a suburb of the city of Rochester known as Greece, New York. Greece, New York, is governed locally by a Town Board. The Town Board of Greece, New York, is NOT the Congress of the United States.

Let me repeat, the Town Board of Greece, New York, and the Congress of these united States are two separate and distinct entities.  They are, as I say, NOT the same thing.

Why am I bothering to point out to you this obvious, self-evident fact?

Because the implications of this one simple fact, if properly comprehended by the legal community, would absolutely dispose of the lawsuit brought against the town of Greece by two women named Susan Galloway and Linda Stephens who claim that the offering of prayer at Town Board meetings violates the First Amendment to the Constitution. [Read more…] (518)

Apple spills beans on Government Mafia requests

by Apple, Report on Government Information Requests

Here are excerpts from Apple’s report. Read Apple’s full report here.

We believe that our customers have a right to understand how their personal
information is handled, and we consider it our responsibility to provide them
with the best privacy protections available. Apple has prepared this report on
the requests we receive from governments seeking information about individual
users or devices in the interest of transparency for our customers around
the world. [Read more…]


Montana Democrats go ballistic trying to Stop Your Vote

by Senator Jennifer Fielder (R), Montana District 7

ObamaBabyI wish this week’s update could focus on all the good work we are accomplishing in the legislature, but I am sickened to have to share with you an experience unlike any in our state’s history. It happened in the Senate Chamber last Friday.

In a disgraceful attempt to keep ballot referendums from reaching the voters of Montana, democrat senators staged unprecedented chaos in our state capitol to stop the vote. After an initial plot failed to disrupt senate proceedings, they resorted to mob rule — yelling, ranting, raving, and repeatedly slamming coffee mugs on their desks. Their allies in the audience morphed into a mob, hanging over the balcony, screaming, stomping, and jeering. They did everything, just short of riot, to disrupt the legislative process. Security could not get them under control. It was unbelievable. [Read more…] (237)

Conservative legislators fight liberals to save your right to vote

Vote YES on LR-119 on June 5 to get seven Supreme Court Districts

LR-119 is on the primary ballot and is set to be voted on June 5th, 2012.  But …

Last November, a group of attorneys and political activists filed a lawsuit to remove LR-119 (a.k.a. “The Fair Court Referendum”) from the ballot to keep you from voting on it. Their goal was to keep the decision about separate Supreme Court Districts in the hands of, well, the Supreme Court judges.

In rebuttal to this lawsuit that attacks every Montanan’s right to vote, seven citizen-legislators filed to join the State of Montana in keeping LR-119 on this year’s primary ballot. They believe this issue, about judges, should be decided voters, not the judges.

These seven include: [Read more…] (207)

Support HB 161: Repeal of Medical Marijuana Law in Montana

by Lark Chadwick

Marijuana is not a harmless drug; though it may be helpful in a limited range of medical applications, many respected scientific studies have shown marijuana to have long term and certain permanent damage the nervous system [reason why it is a good pain killer]. This is especially problematic to developing young minds and bodies. Also, as a medicinal treatment, smoking is the lease effective method of ingesting the THC chemical component so to argue for continued sales of the ‘herb’ for smoking as a medicinal use is specious. (Also see article by Tim Baldwin. – Ed) [Read more…] (145)

Dear Gov: Please Veto HB 161 “Repeal medical marijuana law”

Dear Governor Schweitzer:

Please VETO this “Repeal” when it comes to your desk. Regardless of any Montanan’s opinion about our medical marijuana law, it was not ethical for the Legislature to repeal a legally, constitutionally made law by Montana voters. Instead, the proper course would be to once again put it to the citizens by Petition and let us decide the matter at the Ballot Box, if made that far. [Read more…] (311)

Pass SB117, Local Government/Federal Coordination

Representative Gary MacLaren, Chair, and Members of the House Local Government Committee

Federal Laws require agencies implementing those laws to coordinate their plans and projects with State and Local Governments.  Some of the laws that affect Montana most are the Federal Land Management Planning Act (FLPMA), National Forest Management Act (NFMA), and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).   [Read more…] (175)

Pass SB 414, Wolf Control and Management

Senator, Dave Lewis, Chair, and Members Senate Finance and Claims Committee,

We have witnessed MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP), in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service, actively promote and protect wolf population increases that have inflicted great harm to Montana’s world class big game herds, private property, and wasted millions and millions of tax dollars on a disastrous “wolf recovery” program that was not even needed.  Wolves are not now, nor have they ever been in danger of extinction. [Read more…] (200)

Northwestern Energy ‘Bought’ 24 Montana House Votes to pass HB 198

by Ed Berry

Leesa Zalesky revealed in Western Ag Reporter that 24 Montana House legislators who voted YES on HB 198 also received campaign donations from Northwestern Energy, the primary beneficiary of HB 198. Now, HB 198 is being reviewed by the Senate Energy & Telecommunications Committee. [Read more…] (417)

Silencing the Lies

by Tim Ravndal

Today, the Montana legislature’s Senate Judiciary Committee heard several 2nd Amendment bills.  It is amazing that each of the legislators and lobbyists that oppose enhancement of our 2nd Amendment rights, base that opposition on the presumption of guilt.  Every law abiding citizen in the state of Montana should be insulted by this presumption. [Read more…] (170)

These Republican Bills will create Jobs in Montana – Support them now!

by Ed Berry

Without question, Republicans understand it takes two key things to bring real jobs back to Montana:

  1. produce more low-cost electricity for Montana
  2. reduce costs of doing business in Montana [Read more…]


SB 117 Coordination: Open Letter to Mayor Carla Parks

by Lark Chadwick, Sanders County Resource Council

It has come to my attention that Thompson Falls Mayor Carla Parks sent an email to Montana State Senator Lynda Moss (D) Billings, dated January 31, 2011, expressing her opposition to our Republican Senator Greg Hinkle’s bill on Coordination SB 117. I am at a loss as to why she would contact this Senator from Billings, and not our own Senator who carried the bill in the Senate! [Read more…] (399)

Tester’s Back to Take Your Land and Your Water

by Kerry White, Executive Board, Citizens for Balanced Use

Under the new number of S268, Senator Tester continues to pay back his environmental friends with another 1,035,307 acres of proposed wilderness and restricted land located mostly in the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest. His new bill increases wilderness designations by 31,000 acres over what he proposed in his S1470.

CBU has just completed another legal analysis of his new bill and have found S268 again violates several laws and our Federal Constitution.

Tester inserted new language in S268 which will give the Forest Service authority over whether water right owners will be able to continue to irrigate or use their water. [Read more…] (323)

SB 117: Montana Coordination Act of 2011

Submitted by Senator Greg Hinkle (SD7)

5 Gable Road Thompson Falls, Mt. 59873-8512 (406)827-4645



SB 372 vs SB 392: Business Property Tax Alternatives

by Ed Berry

Look no further for a convincing demonstration that Democrats to not understand business or economics.  SB 372, by Sen. Bruce Tutvedt, R-Kalispell, and SB 392, by Sen. Kim Gillan, D-Billings, on behalf of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, are miles apart in how they will affect business in Montana. [Read more…] (264)

HB 321: Crying Wolf!

by Alan Doane

10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

On February 16th 2011, Governor Schweitzer told the Associated Press he will no longer wait for federal officials to resolve the snarl of lawsuits over wolves, which has kept the animals on the endangered species list for a decade since recovery goals were met. [Read more…] (338)

Open Letter: Nullification is necessary for our survival

Dear Governor Schweitzer,

Nullification is the “rightful remedy” when federal laws are unconstitutional.  Unconstitutional laws are null and void.  Citizens of Montana who support nullification efforts in the legislature are responding to an overreaching federal government that has usurped state sovereignty. [Read more…] (229)

Legislative Report: Halftime & What’s Done?

by Senator Aubyn Curtiss

Criticism focused on the agenda of the 62nd Legislature both ignores the 5 Point Plan articulated by the Republican Majority in January and philosophically disagrees with the solutions which have been given the green buttons so far this session by the majority of legislators  demonstrating their  commitment to jobs and achieving economic recovery. [Read more…] (608)

The Recovery And Restoration Of Rural America

by Jim Beers

As this is being written:

  • Union rioters are seizing State Capitol buildings in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.
  • State legislators are fleeing their states to avoid the wrath of their Union supporters. [Read more…]


Legislators, Please Explain Your Votes Here

by Tim Ravndal

HB 274 that makes it a crime to hire unauthorized aliens had an amendment and that amendment passed the house 2nd reading.  Everyone should know that the score was close, with a 52 to 48 score on the vote.  Here is a list of names that talk the talk but are failing to walk the walk. [Read more…] (309)

Montana: When did the Bill of Rights become Unconstitutional and Un-American?

by JB Williams

Democrat Montana Governor Schweitzer made an unannounced visit to the Democrat Caucus Monday to voice his concern over what he calls these un-American and unconstitutional bills. –

“When we say, that we will nullify a portion of federal law that is simply saying that we don’t consider ourselves bound by the constitution of the United States of America, that’s very dangerous territory,”

says Governor Schweitzer. [Read more…] (303)

ProLife Freedom Bills Reveal Senators’ Hearts

by Annie Bukacek MD

Dear ProLife Montanans:

I’ve got good news and bad news. First the good news… [Read more…] (214)

Open Letter to Montana Senators on Wolf Legislation

by Toby Bridges,

Dear Senators Baucus & Tester:

As a true wildlife advocate and conservation minded hunter, I am extremely pleased by Section 1713 (p. 266) of the House’s Continuing Resolution – 2011 which was passed on Feb. 19, 2011. This section states, [Read more…] (175)

Who Controls Montana?

by Henry Lamb, WorldNetDaily

Why should the federal government dictate how land is used in Florida, or in Utah, or any other state? In the first place, land should be managed by the owner. [Read more…] (198)


Dear Chairman and members, Montana House Judiciary Committee:

Please pass to the full House HB 332, the Fully Informed Jury bill before you. The jury is the bulwark against ALL tyranny and despotism, without which our system of justice would be controlled and regulated by appointed bias and/or incomplete review or even acceptance into evidence of the facts. [Read more…] (243)

We need to elect “strict” Constitutionalists!

by Alan Doane

In recent correspondence from one of our State Representatives I was accused of being a “strict constitutionalist.” Well what other kind of constitutionalist is there? Sort of a Constitutionalist?  Kind of a Constitutionalist? [Read more…] (1011)

Freedom Bills

Add your latest Freedom Bills, Committee Schedules, and Calls to Action and read the latest news. Go for it! (0)

Pass HB 347: Civic Education for K-12

HB347 had a hearing before the House Education Committee last Mon. the 31st.  It is scheduled for executive action (vote) by the Committee on Mon., 2/7 at 3pm in rm. 137.  [Read more…] (210)