51 million slaughtered babies

by William H. Biernat, Kalispell, Montana

Samuel_Alexander_Armas240It is with sadness and disgust I read the letter from our local abortionist, Ms. Cahill in the March 12 edition of The Daily Inter Lake, touting herself as some sort of beleaguered heroine. I could not help but think of the over 51 million dead babies who have been slaughtered since the diseased and pernicious Supreme Court of the United States passed Roe v. Wade in 1973.

The reason the dishonest and untrustworthy Supreme Court got involved is because neither the U.S. Congress nor one State Legislature in the entire United States would dare to pass a law legalizing abortion, before 1973.

When you are in the business of profiting from the killing human life one should not be surprised that different degrees of tolerance are applied by different sets of human beings. When people speak out against the “high profit” abortion industry they make other more decent human beings queasy about having anything, whatsoever to do with such an evil act. Ms. Cahill believes it deplorable that so few medical professionals will involve themselves with such a despicable “service” as a “provider”. Perhaps these medical professionals have a better developed sense of decency and morality.

Go onto the Internet and search the name, “Dr. Bernard Nathanson.” Dr. Nathanson is one of the original founders of NARAL (National Abortion Rights League). After performing literally thousands of abortions Dr. Nathanson had a change of heart when he witnessed the agony and murderous brutality of an infant baby literally torn apart limb from limb under the viewing of a sonogram. Dr. Nathanson assisted in making a film titled: “The Silent Scream.”

In his Internet accessed confession, Dr. Nathanson admits that he and card-carrying Communist and NARAL founder, Betty Friedan, told many lies to justify why abortion should be legalized. He stated the media never checked their facts and repeated their lies widely in newspapers and broadcast media.

Near the end of his life, Dr. Nathanson converted to Christianity in the Catholic Church and expressed deep remorse for his grievous sins in a public confession. In the Pro-Life Christian community, Dr. Nathanson was welcomed with open and loving arms. We ask for forgiveness and we forgive those who have trespassed against humanity. (483)

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    http://www.numberofabortions.com/ This web sight show how many abortions world wide . Since 1980, over 1 billion,328 million abortions. I mite be wrong but I will bet this is more then all the people that died in wars between the 19th and the 20th centuries, and the communist takeover of Russia and China.

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