The 2 Women Hikers died from Exposure, not Wolves

by Dr. Ed Berry, aka badassberry


UPDATE on December 19, 2013: A reader forwarded to me the following email that shows the two women died of exposure and not from wolves.

From: CRMO Information, NPS

Subject: Re: From Two Ladies Death

“Although the final coroners report has not been issued yet, they apparently died of exposure. They were wearing only t-shirts and jeans and were exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. There is no evidence of any wildlife encounters.”

The above information is sufficient to show the two women died of exposure.

On December 2, 2013, I published “Liberal’s Wolves murder 2 women hikers.”

The following information has been negated by the email above:

On Thursday, September 26, the Butte County (Idaho) Sheriff reported:

ARCO, Idaho — Butte County search crews say they have found the body of one (Amy Linkert) of the two Boise women who disappeared during a camping trip at Craters of the Moon National Monument in eastern Idaho.

Dan Buckley, the monument’s superintendent, says that the Idaho Army National Guard and Butte County Sheriff’s Office located the body by helicopter around two miles southwest of the Tree Molds Trail head parking lot in a very rugged and inaccessible area of the lava field.

Buckley said they were able to positively identify that it was one of the women they were searching for, and officials are still notifying family.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office and monument staff began the search Tuesday morning, which is when they learned that the two were overdue, and may have been in trouble.

Forty people were out searching for them Wednesday, including family-members and some search dogs. Also, Civil Air Patrol pilots are flying over the area, and the Idaho Army National Guard has two choppers helping out.

The Sheriff also reported the ladies left their dogs in their vehicle parked at the trailhead where they began their ill-fated journey. This indicates the ladies did not plan an extensive hike. Local residents describe the area as being “infested with wolves”. Some suggest the wolves might be habituated enough to kill “old” women or kids.

On November 11, a radio station reported:

“Boise radio station reported that one of the missing women Dr. Blaskslee was killed by wolves on the Coroner’s report.”

On November 13, a local resident who prefers to remain anonymous, emailed her friends the following information:

The coroner released Amy Linkert’s report in two days but they have not released Dr. Blakeslee’s report after 3 weeks. The autopsy was performed in either Pocatello or Idaho Falls. Since the coroner’s report was not sealed by a judge, this rules out homicide.

A USDA pilot told us the USDA has identified the individual wolf pack.

A US Marshall communicated with an NBC affiliate trying to find out which radio station in Boise area got the leak.

I have much more information but I will wait for the coroner’s report before I release it. I found very damning evidence that the report is being buried.

It has now been more than a month since the government released information about the ladies death on November 13.

What is the government’s problem with this incident? If the ladies had died of exposure, they would have released the information in a few days, as a warning to other travelers. But we know the government does not want us to think their government-introduced wolves are dangerous.

Why would a US Marshall try to find the radio station that broadcast the news that at least one women died from a wolf attack? What does a US Marshall have to do with a local death that is not homicide unless the government wishes to keep the public unaware of the danger of wolves?


However, the email above does not contradict the additional reports below about wolf encounters by people. 

Here are some notes on wolves:

  1. While humans may “blunder into” a bear, humans don’t surprise wolves.
  2. A wolf or wolves would take note of age and vulnerability of two hiking ladies just as they would of two elk or a moose or a deer.
  3. Ancient Greeks and Romans reported on the problem of wolves killing people. Europeans dealt with their wolf problem for centuries until they hunted and killed their wolves at great effort and expense.
  4. European settlers in America had this wolf problem for hundreds of years, and at great expense the states hunted and killed most wolves. Removing wolves helped make America productive and a better place to raise a family.

J. Doug Swallow presented the following facts in his comments @50 and @51 of my original article:


I am just now becoming involved in this discussion and it is full of conjecture, which is the common approach that the far left tends to take when they have no facts to back up their point of view.

There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such trifling investment of facts.” Mark Twain

We all should know except for some of the wolf lovers on here that coyotes are much smaller than wolves and this account is BACKED up by CBC news and makes the lies that Roger Hewitt claims

There have been 2 people killed by wolves in recorded history in North America, one in Alaska, one near Saskatchewan.”

all the more implausible. Roger has never even seen a wolf in the wild and sure didn’t see any in Texas where he learned to lie so poorly.

Coyotes kill Toronto singer in Cape Breton.” Park official says 1 coyote dead, staff looking for 2nd animal.

A 19-year-old folk singer from Toronto has died after being attacked by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Taylor Josephine Stephanie Luciow, who went by the stage name Taylor Mitchell, died overnight at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. She had been on tour in the Maritimes.”

First fatal wolf attack recorded in North America?

Conservationists have long assuaged the public’s fear of wolves by saying that there have been no documented instances of a healthy wild wolf killing a human being in North America. Until now, that is.

On Nov. 8, a search party found the partially consumed body of 22-year-old Kenton Joel Carnegie in the woods of northern Saskatchewan. Carnegie had gone for a walk and didn’t return to the surveyors camp where he was working.

Fatal wolf attack unnerves Alaska village.

The death of 32-year-old Candice Berner stunned not only the village of a few dozen residents but also wildlife officials, who say wolf attacks are very, very rare — and fatal attacks, even more so.

Officials say Berner, a special education teacher who moved to Alaska last summer, was set on by at least two wolves while out for a late-afternoon jog on a road outside Chignik Lake, a fishing village on the Alaska Peninsula, about 475 miles southwest of Anchorage.

List of fatal wolf attacks worldwide

List of non fatal wolf attacks in North America

Since Canada has been mentioned several times, I will throw this in for you liberals consideration. “Killer Cougars”

A tragic attack in British Columbia underscores the failed logic of preservationists who turned mountain lion management into a ballot-box issue […]

On arriving, Manion heard the mother’s screams. Moving toward the agonized sounds, he came upon Cindy Parolin, still battling the cougar. She turned to Manion, a look of raging defiance in her eyes.

Are my children all right?” “Yes,” Manion answered. On hearing they were okay, she said in a half-whisper, “I am dying now.”


If any of you fine liberal wolf lovers do not believe the linked sources that I present, do not take it up with me but go to the sources. Thought for the day: Since smallpox is or was a naturally occurring virus; should it also be reintroduced to plague humanity as some are suggesting that the wolf should be?

Photos: Wolf chases BC motorcyclist

June 16, 2013 8:09 a.m.

Woman says timber wolf attacked her while she was near side of road helping motorist

Washington Wolf News, Videos, Wolf Plan, Recovery, Reintroduction, Facts,

German farmers demand the right to hunt wolves Wolves were hunted nearly to extinction in Germany in the 20th century. But over the past decade, they have been making a slow return. Farmers say the wolves are pests and should be hunted down.

Wolves kill 120 sheep near Dillon, Mont.

Wolf kills Iraqi boy in palm grove (AFP) – Sep 24, 2012 HILLA, Iraq — A five-year-old Iraqi boy was pounced upon and killed by a wolf as he picked dates in a palm grove near the town of Hilla in central Iraq, a witness and a doctor said on Monday.


Wolf Attacks Mother Walking with Child in Sweden

Tok trapper says he was attacked by wolf while on snowmachine

Alaska Dispatch December 18, 2012

Russia: Raids by wolves spark ‘emergency’ in Sakha

Wolf makes a comeback in France

Ontario man killed in wolf attack,

coroner’s jury finds First documented case in North America of a healthy wolf killing a human in the wild>

Motorcyclist dies after hitting wolf>

Cyclist narrowly escapes wolf attack

Friday July 12, 2013

An American cyclist was shaken but unharmed last week after being chased down the Alaska Highway by a wolf.
For more information, see the 61 articles on wolves published by Most of these articles contain significant evidence supporting the conclusion that wolves are dangerous and should not be protected.

In conclusion, there is significant evidence that wolves are dangerous to humans and there is evidence that the two women hiking in the Craters of the Moon were killed by wolves. (797)

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  1. 1

    These coroners are not doing their jobs and as a consequence are endangering the lives of more people. This pack should be hunted down and destroyed as soon as possible!

  2. 2
    David Long says:

    Yes, kill all the predators–don’t just stop with wolves, make sure we erradicate all those other ‘dangerous’ critters, like bears, lions, and badgers. That way we’ll have lots more big game like elk to shoot and hang up on our restaurant walls. And we all know the world is 6k years old and God put these beasts on our planet so that we can enjoy murdering them. But wait–shouldn’t we kill all the humans too since they are the supreme predator?? I’m so confused–well I guess we can start by killing all the liberals since they are interfering with out enjoyment of killing all the other species.

  3. 3

    When a US MARSHALL shows up to find who broadcast the story about a killer wolf pack, you know a cover-up is underway!
    Keep on this story. It was only a matter of when, not if, one of these murderous packs would take out a granola or two!

  4. 4

    When I moved to Montana back in 1980, Glacier National Park use to tell women.If you are having your period, please do not hike in the park, because a bear can smell you from 2 mile away. I will bet a wolf can also smell these women. Today it is political incorrect to say something like this. Women are taught they can go any where they want.

  5. 5
    J Doug Swallow says:

    David Long certainly seems to be cut from the cloth of the typical liberal/far left person because of his showing a distinct lack of logical common scenes and now wants to escape the topic of wolves by trying to claim that all that disagree with his philosophy just have to be believers that “the world is 6k years old and God put these beasts on our planet so that we can enjoy murdering them.” I personally believe that the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old and that belief is backed up by the geological record, but who knows what David Long bases his believes on?

    About the only thing David Long gets correct is when he says “I’m so confused” but then he continues on to muddy the waters by saying this “–well I guess we can start by killing all the liberals since they are interfering with out enjoyment of killing all the other species.”

    It appears that David Long is unaware that the liberals/socialist, whatever one wants to label them being, killed millions of innocent people in the last century; such as, Hitler and his Nazi Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party) certainly killed at least 6 million Jews and others plus all of the collateral damage done by this liberal. At the same time we had another couple of liberal/ socialist on earth in the embodiment of “Uncle Joe” Stalin who was responsible for staving to death over 20 million Ukrainians when he launched his collectivization campaign plus all of the millions of his own people that he either just outright murdered or worked to death in the gulags. Another socialist/liberal that David Long will be so proud of is Mao Tse-tung who, through his Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution murdered or starved to death over 50 million of his own people and then we have David Long trying to lecture us on what conservatives want to do.

    PS: The kid in Colorado that recently tried to kill innocent students and the librarian was a liberal far left leaning individual. I wonder what the girl did to him to deserved being shot in the head with a shotgun?

  6. 6
    GODSWIZARD says:

    FACTS are such pesky and frustrating things to Leftists. Never fear. When confronted by FACTS the usual Leftist reaction is simply to ignore them.

    When that ignoring of the pesky FACTS is done the typical Leftist once again is free to live in the *Alternate Reality* most choose mentally to reside in.

  7. 7

    I just received new information and will now update my post above.

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