Ryan Zinke demolishes Democrat in US House debate

by Dr. Ed Berry

RyanZ2It’s not even close. Republican, Navy Commander Ryan Zinke demolished Democrat John Lewis in US House debate in June. These videos prove it.

Ryan Zinke far exceeds John Lewis in education, experience, and intelligence, and he shows it in his superior understanding of our economy. Lewis proposes the same worn-out liberal mantras the Democrats use to destroy America.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats has never been more distinct. Democrats block economic progress while Republicans plow the path for America’s energy and high-tech entrepreneurs, without whom we would be much poorer right now.

Here are videos of the key sections of the debate. [Continue reading] (164)

Dedicated to non-Republican voters who helped make it happen

Published on Jun 19, 2014

Official site: http://www.theresnoplacelikeutopia.com - – - Film Synopsis: Why did Dorothy follow the yellow brick road? [Continue reading]


Barry Soetoro secretly bypasses Border Patrol, National Security, and Immigration Laws. Why?

Why is Barry Soreto’s government preparing for massive invasion of America? Is it to divert attention from an even worse event Soreto is planning?

Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact: lisa@littlebonanzaproductions.com.

Now watch this video by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers: [Continue reading] (82)

There is NO Maybe: Climate Change is a Hoax

There can be no compromise with the truth. There is no place for “I don’t know.” Obama’s declarations about climate change are pure and simple HOAX, like the Piltdown Man haox.

Save your money, save your schools, save American sovereignty. Stop the climate change false religion now.

Here are the keynote speeches that everyone should watch, from the The Ninth International Conference on Climate Change held in Las Vegas, July 7-9, 2014.

Climate 2014: Taylor, Bast, Bastardi, Rohrabacher

Video times: Taylor @ 00:00, Bast @18:00, Bastardi @ 32:00, Rohrabacher @1:03:00

Climate 2014: Patrick Moore and John Coleman

Video times: Patrick Moore @ 10:20, John Coleman @ 44:00.

Climate 2014: Singer, Inhofe, King, Monckton

Video times: Fred Singer @ 10:00, Senator Inhofe @ 18:20, Jeff King @ 22:40, Christopher Monckton @ 29:00

Watch all of the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change here. Held in Las Vegas July 7-9, 2014. (157)

If Ryan Zinke does this, he will win

Ryan Zinke is the Montana's Republican candidate for US Congress. Ryan's website does not mention the climate change hoax, even though it is the source of our problems in economy, energy, and education that he is concerned about. Don't want to … [Continue reading]

Vote Republican to escape CO2 regulations


by Rick Hill, former US Congressman for Montana “It’s the economy, stupid.” James Carville’s theme for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign rings just as true 20odd years later. Pocketbook issues matter more to voters than anything … [Continue reading]

Government ecofreaks steal American land


Here's what you delusional "purists" voted for when you did not vote for Romney and other good Republicans. You empowered the Democrats and ecofreaks to steal land from generations of ranchers. You are responsible for this destruction of America. - … [Continue reading]

You won’t believe who Romney’s related to


from Ancestry.com How many Commanders-in-Chief can you get in one family tree? When it’s former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s family tree, the answer is six. According to Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online family history resource, … [Continue reading]

Obama is a fake-African just like he is a fake-Christian


by Coach Dave Daubenmire Be sure to forward this commentary to everybody you know who voted for Obama.  Especially if they are black.  Especially if they are burdened by white guilt.  Especially if they think that Obama cares about “regular” … [Continue reading]

Impeach Barry now or lose in November


by J.B. Williams, NewsWithViews.com Contrary to popular political theory and the hopes and wishes of millions of republican voters, not to mention the strategic blunder of the Republican National Committee (RNC), I predict that without a massive … [Continue reading]

Feds pay Montana $1 million per year to replace EPA

Who Owns the West640

That's a future headline but it is doable. We all know the EPA is one big-ass problem. Now we have a workable solution. The plan is to replace the US EPA with a Committee of the Whole 50 state environmental protection agencies. The feds … [Continue reading]

Central American Immigrants degrade America


This is a long image. Continue to see details. … [Continue reading]

Obama has become a Louis XV

Obama doesn't care what damages he does to America, because after him will be a deluge. He's like France's Louis XV. … [Continue reading]

Where do you live, Mark Zuckerberg?

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Dr. Tim Ball says CO2 cools, not heats, Earth

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Obama admits he is a Muslim


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Dr. Tim Ball slams Democrat climate agenda


by Marita Noon Those who don’t believe in climate change are “a threat to the future,” says the Washington Post in a June 14 article on President Obama’s commencement address for the University of California-Irvine. Regarding the speech, the … [Continue reading]

How can there still be those who are Undecided?

Dr. Eowyn posted this article on November 6, 2012, wherein he chastises those who do not support Romney. This article has now become relevant to my challenges to Montana tea party folks who do not support our Republican nominees to Congress. - … [Continue reading]

Why Obama Wants to Destroy America


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What if America Never Existed?

In America, D'Souza says 1960s radical leftism is more or less indistinguishable from current mainstream liberalism, a doctrine that preaches the United States is the product of "stealing and plunder" from Native Americans, Mexicans and … [Continue reading]

Obama uses federal land to suppress economy


by Marita Noon While we weren’t paying attention, post-war Iraq grew into a major force in the global oil market. Reaching a 30-year high, its production and exports have climbed steadily since 2011—making Iraq the second largest producer in … [Continue reading]

Obama makes Worst Trade since American Indians sold Manhattan for $24


by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica The Indians were robbed. They were conned into selling Manhattan for $24 of trinkets in 1626. That was the worst trade in history. Until now. Obama just got conned, robbed and schooled even worse than the … [Continue reading]

Is the U.S. being colonized by Red China?

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center For the past few decades the Communist regime of China has been driving toward world supremacy, both economically and militarily. The regime’s main target has been, and is, the United States of America. … [Continue reading]

A Populist Path to Power?


by Pat Buchanan, Buchanan.org “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” If Thomas Jefferson’s benign reflection on Shays’ Rebellion, that uprising of … [Continue reading]

TIME Magazine’s Tyrants of the Year


by Bradley Dean, Sons of Liberty “It has been in every age that it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter, who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both, to deceive and overawe the People.” – Unknown (2 … [Continue reading]

Ecofreaks have lost their War against Fracking


by Steve Goreham, Communities Digital News Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a technique to remove natural gas and oil from shale formations, has been under withering assault from environmental groups for much of the last decade. Fracking has … [Continue reading]

NWO Plans exposed by Insider in 1969

by Rense.com 'This is a transcript of two out of three tapes on the "New World System." Tapes one and two were recorded in 1988 and are the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the … [Continue reading]

Psychiatry is a complete fraud

A parallel to the climate change fraud. - Ed by Jon Rappoport, June 12, 2014, Jon Rappoport's Blog I've published much information revealing psychiatry is a scientific fraud. Now, courtesy of Dr. Fred Baughman (adhdfraud.net), I have two more … [Continue reading]

Democrats let Obama grab your land


by Marita Noon President Obama is in trouble with his usual allies, not to mention his ever-ready opponents, over two recent acts of excessive executive power: the Bergdahl prisoner swap and the new CO2 regulations announced on Monday, June … [Continue reading]

Reply to Letter: Why Tea Party lost their election


by Dr. Ed Berry Ryan Zinke won the Montana GOP primary election for US Congress. Ryan is very motivated to listen to all conservative voters so he can do the best job for us in Congress. Let's work with him and help him win the final election … [Continue reading]