Radicals omit Ethics & Law in Tutvedt Attack

by Sandy Welch, 2012 Republican Candidate for Montana Office of Public Instruction


On November 17, I explained why the claimed “censure” of Senator Bruce Tutvedt by the Flathead County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) is an unsupported, inflammatory personal attack on Senator Bruce Tutvedt. However, on November 19, Jim White took the side of the Republican radicals who now dominate the FCRCC. Here is my reply to White.

The fact is Senator Bruce Tutvedt was active in fundraising for a political action committee.  This is perfectly legal, is not bribery, is not lobbying, and is not compensation.

Examine the reports

Let’s take a look at actions that are acceptable to and encouraged by the Flathead County Republican Central Committee.

Senator Verdell Jackson raises money for the ReHe PAC. He is vocal in his opposition to the water compact and spends time with candidates to “educate” them and get them to pledge their opposition to the compact and spends PAC money promoting them. Of the $54,606 dollars raised by the ReHe PAC, $20,000 came from Excellence in Voting and $20,000 came from the Flathead County Republican Central Committee. Both are political committees.

Excellence in Voting is a PAC whose chairman and only contributor is Ray Thompson, who made three contributions (2008 and 2010) totaling $170,000 and is a staunch opponent of the water compact.  Excellence in Voting and Ray Thompson individually make contributions during primary races. [Continue reading] (81)

Six ways Republicans will change Energy Policy

Marita Noon shows a giant difference between Republicans and Democrats, proving those who believe the Moron Mantra are, well, morons. – Ed

by Marita Noon


Six energy policy changes to watch for in a Republican-controlled Congress

Now that the dust has settled on the 2014 midterms, we can get a sense of how things will change in Washington under a Republican controlled Senate—and energy will be front and center.

Republicans and Democrats have very different views on energy development and policy. The past six years have seen taxpayer dollars poured into green-energy projects that have embarrassed the administration and promoted teppan-style renewables that chop-up and fry unsuspecting birds midflight and increase costs for consumers and business. Meanwhile, Republicans have touted the job creation and economic impact available through America’s abundant fossil-fuel resources.

Voters made their preference clear: Republicans won more seats, and with bigger majorities, than anyone predicted. [Continue reading] (41)

Preparing for 2015 Legislative Session

by Senator Jennifer Fielder, R-Montana State Senate District 7JenniferFielder240

Last week Montana legislators were called together at the State Capitol in Helena to begin preparations for the 2015 legislative session which will run pretty much full time from January through April. In addition to orientation and lawmaker training, we were charged with selecting House and Senate leadership and determining who will serve on what committees.

Our Republican Senate caucus elected long time legislator and rancher Debby Barrett, R-Dillon, who, if confirmed by a majority of Senate democrats and republicans on opening day Jan 5, will be the first woman Senate President in Montana’s history. Former U.S. Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale, R-Glendive was elected as our Senate Majority Leader. Sen Eric Moore, R-Miles City was elected to serve as Senate President Pro-Tempore, which is essentially Vice President. All are very capable people who I believe will do a great job for our state.  [Continue reading] (70)

Radical Rs abandon Ethics in Personal Attacks

On November 10, Gina sent a public email accusing Republicans who support the CSKT Water Compact of accepting “bribe” money to attack other Republicans. But the so-called “bribe” money was a transparent public contribution and the so-called “attack” was normal inter-rivalry during Republican primary elections.

Also on November 10, the Flathead County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) sent its November 13 Agenda with Item 11 “New Business: a. Standard of ethics” which turned out to be a secret, pre-planned attack on Senator Bruce Tutvedt with a Power Point presentation. But the FCRCC did not pre-inform Senator Tutvedt so he could defend the accusations against him.

Now, the ethics charge has backfired on those who planned and executed the kangaroo court, and who so far have refused to send Senator Tutvedt information he has rightfully requested. The meeting’s minutes and signup sheet should reveal the unethical parties who participated in this kangaroo court. – Ed

by Sandy Welch, 2012 Republican Candidate for Montana Office of Public Instruction

SandyWelch316Those who align themselves with the uniformed radical wing are on another illogical angry rant.  This time it is an attempt to convince others that a transparent public contribution made by a Tribe to a PAC supporting the election of open minded legislative candidates is somehow bribery.

Unlike the claim that was made, this is far from the first time that Republicans have raised money and spent it to challenge other Republicans in the primaries.  Many of us were told that primaries were good for the party when it was the Tea Party attacking “RINO”s.  Now that the tables are being turned memories have gotten short.

We must start with the understanding that words have meaning.

Bribe – something valuable (such as money) that is given in order to get someone to do something.[1]

The email that was forwarded across the state (included below) is an attempt to convince the public that a transparent public contribution made by a Tribe to a PAC supporting the election of open minded legislative candidates is somehow bribery. [Continue reading] (297)

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