A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Islam

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True Voting Principle proves Koopman wrong

The True Voting Principle proves Roger Koopman, Chuck Baldwin, and followers are logically and morally wrong about voting.

by Dr. Ed Berry

Roger Koopman weighed in on my article “Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke” but he provided no rebuttal. His whole argument consists of stating his opinion. He speaks for many Libertarian voters in Montana.

Koopman cannot dispute the True Voting Principle that contradicts his immoral, illogical, and suicidal voting position.

The True Voting Principle (tm) has unanimous support of at least six major Christian religions and it serves as the fundamental moral guide for our voting decisions:

  • True Voting Principle: “Our moral duty is to vote to achieve the most possible good, which eliminates voting for candidates who cannot win.”
  • True Voting Principle Example: “It is legitimate to vote for a more restrictive law regarding abortion over a less restrictive law. This action does not represent support of an unjust law. Rather it is a legitimate and proper attempt to limit evil aspects and to prevent worse legislation from being adopted.”

The True Voting Principle has nothing to do with political parties. It lets us decide which candidate represents the greater good. It only tells us to vote for the greater good for ourselves, our state, and our nation according to our own conscience. [Continue reading] (139)

Roger Koopman puts conscience before party

I publish this contrary opinion at Roger Koopman’s request. In my opinion, Roger’s position is suicidal, illogical, and immoral. Read D’Souza’s America or watch his DVD. Democrats are now the Progressive-Communist Party. The place to resolve Republican differences is in primary elections. Unless Republicans support all Republicans in final elections, we will elect Democrats and lose America. I supported Roger for Public Service Commission and would do so again, as I now support Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke for Congress, and Gary Marbut for the Montana legislature. – Ed

by Roger Koopman

A number of people have asked me to weigh in on the “Baldwin-Berry Debate” over voting for the so-called “lesser of evils.”  I will not attempt to advise anyone on the specific people for whom they should vote.  Voting records and public positions are readily available on most candidates; it’s not particularly difficult to determine who the genuine, free market, constitutional conservatives are.  The challenge is what to do with those Republicans who fall in the mushy-middle (let alone those who are firmly planted on the more law-loving left.)  [Continue reading] (347)

Elect Zinke and Daines – our best hope for Montana

by MG Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret), Chairman, Stand Up America

To my fellow Montanans:

We truly stand in troubled times as our Republic is challenged from home and abroad.. As our way of life has been ‘fundamentally changed’ for the worse by the forces of the Progressives, the Socialists, the elites, the entrenched power brokers, the main stream media, and the supporters of our enemies. I cannot stand by idly nor should you.

November’s Vote is critical to reverse national suicide under Obama.

Encourage strongly to all your friends, young and old, to Vote.  We must elect our best hope for the future and those candidates that are America First candidates. Zinke and Daines are our best hope to restore the Republic and the country. [Continue reading] (170)

Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke

by Dr. Ed Berry, NewsWithViews (2000-word version), 2800-word version below Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s “Ryan Zinke: The Greater Evil” rejects accepted Christian theology, supports Alinsky-trained Obama and his plan for America, and tells you to vote for … [Continue reading]

Top US Generals say Obama killing America


Listen to this shocking 41-minute interview with Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely. The generals say Obama and his staff are dumbest national security leaders America has ever had, and … [Continue reading]

Ryan Zinke’s America

Montana will elect Commander Ryan Zinke to Congress on November 4, 2014. Ryan Zinke will go on to become one of the greatest men America has ever elected to Congress. I am both humbled and proud to support Ryan Zinke for Congress. - Dr. Ed … [Continue reading]

Oath Keepers, JBS and the Lesser Evil


by Dr. Ed Berry New York State declared Oath Keepers to be "Far Right Extremists" where NY defines "extremists" as “These extremists must be distinguished from law abiding citizens exercising their first and second amendment rights – namely … [Continue reading]

Radicals and the Lesser Evil


by Dr. Ed Berry This series has one goal: To awaken rightwing radicals to their error in rejecting “lesser of evils” Republican candidates when these candidates are the greater good. In Part 1, Logic of the Lesser Evil, we showed the Voting Mantra, … [Continue reading]

If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong!

Richard Feynman: The key to science. Climate models disagree with experiment, therefore they are wrong and the claim our carbon dioxide emissions are a danger to the planet is wrong. … [Continue reading]

Religion of the Lesser Evil

by Dr. Ed Berry In Part 1, Logic of the Lesser Evil, we showed the Tea Party voting Mantra, “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil”, is logically invalid. Mantra voters who consider Republicans "the lesser evil" do "hate … [Continue reading]

Logic of the Lesser Evil

by Dr. Ed Berry Republican leaders wonder why they lose elections because of Libertarian voters. Here's the reason. A common Tea Party Voting Mantra is: “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil” Montana’s tea party … [Continue reading]

Is Climate Change Pseudoscience? Absolutely!

Ivar Giaever received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973. He is a Democrat. … [Continue reading]

Commander Ryan Zinke is a better scientist than Professor Steve Running


by Dr. Ed Berry According to the Huffington Post, the July debate between Montana’s US House candidates showed a distinct separation of views on climate change, which lead to different views on energy policy. Republican Ryan Zinke questions … [Continue reading]

Bill Whittle: The truth about Mitt Romney

Now read this Summary of Mitt Romney's Plan for America. I am one of the few who saved it and over 5000 people have read it. This summary establishes without a doubt that Mitt Romney would have been much better for America. … [Continue reading]

Summary of Mitt Romney’s Plan for America


I posted on September 28, 2012, but it' time to bring it to the top again to counter the rightwing extremist claim that there is no difference between Rs and Ds. Voters who rejected Mitt Romney should realize what they lost. When will they ever … [Continue reading]

Climate Change is a religious cult


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America: Imagine a World without Her


by Dr. Ed Berry The question is: “Is America worth saving?” Dinesh D'Souza's “America: Imagine a World without Her” explains why we must stop Obama and the Progressive Democrats from taking America down. "America: Imagine a World without … [Continue reading]

Why Democrat supporters are traitors

In 2012, Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote "the differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are miniscule" and Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes called Republicans Mitt Romney and Denny Rehberg "oath breakers". In 2014, … [Continue reading]

You are responsible for Obama’s re-election

by Marita Noon Shouldn’t be we fighting a war on terrorism not on fossil fuels? “You are responsible for President Obama’s re-election,” I told 150 folks from the oil and gas industry —most of whom were conservative Republicans. I spoke to them … [Continue reading]

Tea Party Libertarian Thinking

by Dr. Ed Berry ... Or why conservative Montana has two Democrat US Senators and a Democrat Governor. Ele added comment @8 on PolyMontana article Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke: @Ed I spoke with Zinke earlier this year about the CSKT … [Continue reading]

Is Multiculturalism good or bad for America?

by Michael Anthony Peroutka In 2008, during Obama’s first national campaign, Barack Obama is on record saying that America is not a Christian Nation. “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation - at least not just,” Obama said. … [Continue reading]

Mansions of the Lord

A tribute to the U.S. military service personnel who gave their all for our freedom. … [Continue reading]

Dan Happel: Agenda 21 Video


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Generals and Radicals

by Dr. Ed Berry Mitt Romney's 2012 "Plan for America" counters the rightwing extremist claim that there is no difference between Rs and Ds. The voters who rejected Mitt Romney should realize what they lost. When will they ever learn? The same … [Continue reading]

Montana Supreme Court (In)Justices

by John Merlette, Bigfork, MT I believe most Montanans know who their Congressional delegation, Governor and a few other elected state officials are.  But I bet even you can't name just one Montana Supreme Court Justice. Many voters know very little … [Continue reading]

Principles and the Lesser Evil

by Dr. Ed Berry One reason Republicans have lost elections is because of religion ... false religion on the part of those who do not vote for the "lesser evil." Some self-righteous folks accuse those who vote for the "lesser evil" of … [Continue reading]

Ryan Zinke’s Right to Life Endorsement


Source: http://ryanzinke.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/MTAL-Ryan-Zinke-endorsement-2014.pdf     … [Continue reading]

Stand Up America hosts Brigitte Gabriel

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NY says Oathkeepers are “Far Right Extremists”


by Dr. Ed Berry Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers and former Ron Paul staffer, and Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Oath Keepers National Chaplain and founder of Liberty Fellowship, both moved to Flathead Valley, Montana,  in 2010. New York State has … [Continue reading]

Hard Cold Facts on Climate Change

by John Coleman, Founder of The Weather Channel … [Continue reading]

Democrat comment on Steve Daines is invalid


by Dr. Ed Berry In Montana's Daily Inter Lake on September 2, Matthews Bradley opined that Congressman Steve Daines is not qualified to serve in the US Senate because he believes in "creation" science. Counter opinions on September 21 attempted … [Continue reading]

46 Senate Democrats vote against Second Amendment


by Sheriff Richard Mack (RET), CSPOA President, CSPOA, cspoa.org The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) condemns the attempt by 46 of our United States Anti-American Redcoats to turn over to the United Nations the … [Continue reading]

47 Senate Democrats vote against First Amendment


by RoseAnn Salanitri, Before It's News  Our Constitution is clear about what the federal government can and cannot do. Article 1, Section 8[i], specifically defines the enumerated powers of the federal government. The rest of the Constitution was … [Continue reading]

CSKT Proposed Water Compact: Critical Issues


by Elaine D. Willman, MPA, Author, Going to Pieces…the dismantling of the United States of America. RE:  Montana v. U.S. 450 U.S. 544 Addendum to 09-17-2014 Willman Letter to Montana Legislators Dear Legislators: In a landmark U.S. Supreme Court … [Continue reading]

Professor Steve Running is not a Nobel Laureate


by Dr. Ed Berry Professor Steve Running, University of Montana, makes three claims: He shares the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This Nobel Peace Prize means he … [Continue reading]