I challenge you who are against the Water Compact to prove my conclusions are wrong!

by Dr. Ed Berry

A month or so ago, I tended to side with those who challenge the CSKT Water Compact. But a good scientist always looks for evidence that his theory is wrong.

Therefore, I took a few days and compared the written claims of Senator Verdell Jackson, Dr. Kate Vandemoer, and Attorney Richard Simms against the legal rebuttals by Attorney Helen Thigpen, Staff Attorney for the Montana Water Policy Committee, and Attorney Hertha Lund who represents the Montana Water Stewards, a private, non-partisan organization comprised of farmers and ranchers on the Flathead Indian Reservation, and their supporters.

As a “member of the jury” my conclusion is clear. The claims against the Compact do not stand up against their rebuttals. I put my reasons in the following 3 articles.

Yet after the Pachyderm meeting in Kalispell today, one well-known lady told me publicly in no uncertain terms that I “am wrong!”

OK, let this lady and anyone else who thinks I am wrong, please show me why in the comment sections of the 3 articles below.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

Ed (49)

Simms’ claims against Water Compact fail

by Dr. Ed Berry

We have shown the claims against the Compact by Senator Verdell Jackson and Dr. Vandemoer are invalid.

In November 2014, Western Montana Water Rights (WMWR) published claims against the CSKT Water Compact by Attorney Richard Simms who is a New Mexico attorney not licensed to practice law in Montana.

Having Simms write claims is a clear admission by Compact opponents that they have produced no valid claim since they began their opposition in June 2012 because if they had even one valid claim, they would not need Simms.

Montana Attorney Hertha Lund countered Simms’ claims for her clients and made her rebuttal public. Here is a summary of Lund’s rebuttal to Simms. Attorneys should read Lund’s version.

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Dr. Kate’s claims against Water Compact fail

by Dr. Ed Berry

Dr. Kate Vandemoer (Dr. Kate) will present her case against Montana’s CSKT Water Compact to the Glacier Forum in Kalispell on Thursday, December 17. You may want to read this before you attend.

Dr. Kate Vandemoer has made a lot of waves since becoming a Water Compact consultant to the Compact opposition. She claims we should reject the CSKT Water Compact.

The fact is, Dr. Kate is wrong about almost every claim she has made. At the end of the day, she will go home to Arizona with Montana money in her purse primed to find others who will pay her to tell them what they want to hear, and the Montanans who believed her will be poorer.

Dr. Kate does not understand the Flathead Irrigation and Power Project (FIPP). [Continue reading] (125)

Senator’s claim against Water Compact fails

by Dr. Ed Berry

During the past week, I studied the arguments for and against the CSKT Water Compact. The conclusion is clear: the arguments opposing the Compact are legal vaporware.

Here, I rebut Senator Verdell Jackson’s recent articleHell Gate Treaty Forbids Off-Reservation Water Rights Contained in CSKT Water Compact.”

Later, I will rebut Arizona hydrologist Dr. Kate Vandemoer’s and New Mexico attorney Richard Simms’ claims against the Compact. [Continue reading] (433)

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